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117,483 Openreach full fibre premises found in last month

2021 is not off to an amazing start with the latest Openreach FTTP premises count, but it is still a lot more premises built than its closest rival Virgin Media in the same time frame.

The total Openreach FTTP footprint in our systems is 3,478,283, so just shy of the 3.5 million we had ideally wanted to be at this point, there are three reasons why we believe our increase this month of 117,483 premises is almost 30,000 premises lower than the previous month.

  1. Ahead of Christmas we were seeing a slight slow down in the number of premises found
  2. Impact of Christmas break
  3. Looking at different areas, especially rural to see if the gap to 97% superfast coverage could be closed

Openreach is working to a target of 4.5 million premises with FTTP available by the end of March 2021 and with our usual lag of around 8 weeks in finding everything they have built we were expecting to report 3.5 million now, 4 million premises on 12th April 2021 and then race to get the 4.5 million figure verified before 12th June 2021.

The different categories and their change figures highlight the change in where we are looking for bits of FTTP, hence why in the previous month we found 4,109 premises of rural FTTP but this month this is up at 17,700.

  • 538,205 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention, increase of 17,700
  • 1,856,621 premises in Fibre First areas, increase of 36,607
  • 294,669 premises in Fibre Town/Village areas, increase of 11,576
  • 468,626 premises in new build properties constructed in 2016 and later, increase of 13,443
  • 65,490 premises in properties constructed between 2006 and 2015, increase of 8,476
  • 87,711 premises in properties constructed between 1996 and 2005, increase of 9,973
  • 166,961 premises via commercial/old roll-out, increase of 19,708

Other than the rural figure the commercial roll-out increase of 19,708 is a good deal higher than the 7,477 of the previous month, showing that we are finding chunks of Openreach FTTP scattered around outside of the obvious Fibre First lists. It is possible that some of these areas will move into the FibreFirst lists very soon i.e. physical roll-out on the ground has occassionally beaten the quarterly list updates.


There's some Openreach FTTP in Kingseat, Fife which you've not spotted yet. Grid reference NT 12615 90584. Quite a few fibre manifolds on poles - walked past a property on the edge of Kingseat getting fibre installed yesterday off this cluster, via overhead figure-of-eight cable.

  • andrum992
  • 9 days ago

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