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Industry Debate on Broadband Britain

Telecom TV recently chaired a debate looking at the question 'Is the UK really the bandwidth ghetto of Europe?.

As well as MrSaffron from ADSLguide the other members of the panel were: Marlis Humphrey of The ATM Forum, Martin Thunman of, Andy Williams of the Broadand4Britain campaign, Sandip Sarda of the Broadband Content Coalition and Stephen Gleave of To say what the conclusion of the debate was, would spoil the fun, so why not go and see it yourself.

The debate is available as a streamed video link, that should work in theory for people even behind a corporate firewall. The video is around 30 minutes in length, and is divided into various logical chapters. The bit rate used ensures that dialup users will still be able to access the video and it is perhaps a sign of the low penetration of broadband in the UK, that sites still do not always provide high bandwidth video feeds.


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