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Small Community Fibre Project in Northern Ireland brings FTTP to 90 properties

90 premises gaining access to full fibre may seem like a small number, but for those who can now jump from a couple of Mega bits per second to reliable 38 Mbps or if they want 80, 160, 300 or 900 Mbps download options it will make a massive difference.

Normally the coverage for these premises when found would get added to our systems with little fanfair, but since Openreach sent out a press release we know that this was a Community Fibre Project Partnership that has used Rural Gigabit Broadband Vouchers. This means its worth a mention to show that the partnerships do deliver, even if it can be time consuming to get enough interest locally at times and from reading the discussions on our forums can be a 12 to 18 month journey.

The highest resolution map layers are missing two postcodes with FTTP availability and it is those postcodes that are part of the Derryloughan Road Community Fibre Partnership. Some of the other rural FTTP coverage was spotted some time ago. The Openreach full fibre map will update over the course of Saturday.

We live in a world where internet connectivity with decent broadband speed is no longer a luxury but now an essential. Previously our residents and businesses suffered paltry speeds of around 2.4 Mbps and on many evenings, this would drop to less than 1 Mbps.

Now, with the successful implementation of the CFP project, we can avail of speeds up 1Gbps per second, which has opened up completely new opportunities. Many residents can now work remotely from home and local businesses can now transact their business online. Those of us with children can now benefit from online learning where Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Google classroom now run seamlessly, and buffering is a thing of the past.

I would encourage all rural communities who have poor internet speeds to get together and apply for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

Pete Donnelly, IT professional who lives locally

The Openreach community fibre partnership pages has lots more info for those thinking of going down this path to try and ensure they are part of the 85% that will have FTTP or another Gigabit option by the end of 2025.


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