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Fibrus full fibre in Kilkeel

Another chunk of Fibrus FTTP appeared over the weekend, this time in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. This takes the roll-out we have found to some 19,113 premises with the majority of the locations being areas where superfast speeds were already available.

Not everything is going perfectly for the roll-out which is still delivering in the commercial areas we expected them to build to first, rather than the Project Stratum areas where existing speeds are slow or non-existent. ISPreview has highlighted some network capacity issues in the providers core network in the South Down area, which is leading Fibrus to reduce bills to free for those affected while also downgrading speeds to 100 Mbps. 

Of the 19,113 premises footprint we have found to date, some 6,856 premises also have the option of FTTP from providers who use the Openreach FTTP network and the majority of the others have decent VDSL2 speeds available.

In terms of speed tests the overall quality score for Fibrus was 1.4 in November reflecting some of the variations in speeds some individuals are seeing. One of the good speed tests is this 260 Mbps down and 202 Mbps up test, but there are others with tests such as this 37.9 Mbps down and 20.4 Mbps up test where speeds drop off in the time the test is running. This 87 Mbps down with 35 Mbps up also while better does show the upload quickly dropping in speed.

While an ISP having core network capacity issues is a worry, it serves as a timely reminder that even when full fibre is available everywhere that the state of connectivity in a providers core network and the entry or exit points from that network remain critical. In fact once people have guaranteed connected speeds core network performance variations will be a lot more visible.

We look forward to seeing improved results from Fibrus customers in the New Year and hope that the speed downgrades will be enough to allow people to stream all they want over the Christmas break. Reliable connectivity is even more important this year as large families are less likely to be gathering together and video calls will go a long way to helping families or individuals isolating still feel part of the holiday season.


@thinkbroadband The service is still shocking. Theres been no downgrade as promised. @FibrusFullFibre need to give…

  • @Miss_DMC
  • comment via twitter
  • about 1 month ago

Fibrus provide a really poor service. I took on there gigbit package back in October. Speeds where great at 6am in the morning. But at 6pm in the evening they where really poor. Now they have downgraded me to 200mbps says they can’t keep up with the big demand for it. Again speeds at 6am get near the full 200. In the evening really poor. So bought a vpn service. in the evening when speeds get bad. I switch on my vpn using the wireguard protocol. And quess what my speeds is back up to 180mbps

  • Dodon12
  • about 1 month ago

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