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Thorrington, Essex now has a chunk of Openreach FTTP

Another corner of Essex has jumped into the 21st Century with respect to its broadband service. The properties in the main part of Thorrington village now have Openreach FTTP available to them.

The area covered is almost all of the properties on the old cabinet 2 footprint on the Great Bentley exchange. There are a few postcodes with no FTTP, but is possible that further work may see those also see the service option appear.

The postcodes rolled into our package search on Friday evening, but the map was only updated on Sunday morning. We don't know exactly when the service appeared to people in the area most likely was a few weeks ago as there does appear to be someone with a live connection.

Clusters of FTTP like this, along with the Gigaclear and County Broadband FTTP roll-outs in Essex are why the county is one of the few where superfast coverage is still rising.


that one did not take too long

  • fastman
  • about 1 month ago

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