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145,546 Openreach full fibre premises added to our coverage in last month

The Openreach FTTP footprint that is in our stats now stands at some 3,360,800 premises, though this is already out of date as some FTTP has been found in Northern Ireland already today.

The extra 145,546 found in the last 30 days gives a build rate of 33,961 a week. The monthly increase is almost 20,000 premises down on the last month which indicates either the roll-out slowed down or we are looking in the wrong places this month. The 145k added in November is the lowest since July 2020 but still well above the June increase of 132k and the even lower 96k from May. It is therefore possible that the middle of 2020 saw a concerted push to build lots of FTTP and things have slowed down slightly now that getting homes who have ordered the service are getting connected.

  • 520,505 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention, increase of 4,109
  • 1,820,014 premises in Fibre First areas, increase of 69,162
  • 283,093 premises in Fibre Town/Village areas, increase of 27,621
  • 455,183 premises in new build properties constructed in 2016 and later, increase of 17,132
  • 57,014 premises in properties constructed between 2006 and 2015, increase of 9,520
  • 77,738 premises in properties constructed between 1996 and 2005, increase of 10,825
  • 147,253 premises via commercial/old roll-out, increase of 7,477

The 2016 and later new build figure is higher this month because we started the latest quarters of new build property processing late in November. The 1996 to 2015 FTTP figures also show a very healthy increase and it needs highlighting that the increase in numbers in those categories is outside the FibreFirst and Fibre Town/Village roll-outs.

Advance warning, 2020 has been a busy year in terms of broadband data, especially now there are a lot more FTTP networks rolling out and while we do take a break over Christmas traditionally, the plan is take more of a break this year due to the lack of other breaks during the year. We are highlighting this so that when the next set of figures appear on 12th January 2021 if the figures are a lot lower it is not because Openreach have stopped building but we stopped looking for a few days.

In terms of the Openreach ambition to build 4.5 million premises by March 2021, based on their own figures this looks possible and we should see our figures verify this around the June/July timeframe.

One significant change in the last six weeks or so is that in the past when we found FTTP in unexpected places by monitoring speed tests they were almost all from BT customers, but Sky does seem to be getting lots of people signing up to the 160 Mbps tier they sell.


My house in Brixham went live for FTTP in October yet yours and most other availability checkers are still showing FTTC. It’s the same with ISPs. How long does it normally take for this information to be updated?

  • dgp1000
  • about 1 month ago

Looks like yours got missed when some others in the area were added to our systems, will roll into our checker tonight and maps in next 48 hours

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • about 1 month ago

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