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First live areas of FTTP appear in Inverness for Brawband and CityFibre

More full fibre has gone live with the CityFibre roll-out in Inverness spotted in the Cradlehall area of the city. The roll-out in Inverness is sold to the public by Brawband which is a consumer brand of HighNet.

Brawband has three consumer packages which are all broadband only at present, with telephone services expected as an option in 2021.

  • The Wee One £37.95 for 24 months. Symmetric 200 Mbps speeds. £49 install fee offer (usually £99)
  • The Braw One £44.95 for 24 months. Symmetric 500 Mbps speeds. £49 install fee offer (usually £99)
  • The Big Yin £59.95 for 24 months. Symmetric 900 Mbps speeds. £49 install fee offer (usually £99).

All three packages include a wireless router, though only the two more expensive ones state it is a dual band router, fingers crossed it is the same router on all three packages as an ISP shipping a single band router in late 2020 is not a good idea. Reason being the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band is often very congested, combined with an inability to support decent speeds.

The package search on thinkbroadband does not know about Brawband yet, but as always our labs local system does know about them. We have used this new roll-out as an opportunity to merge the various CityFibre areas, so on the map there is now just a single layer covering the Vodafone Gigafast, TalkTalk FibreNation and Brawband areas under the CityFibre name, the searches though are able to distinguish between the different providers. The merging was done as more ISP are expected to have exclusive access to CityFibre areas in the future and the list of FTTP providers is already very long on the broadband map.

As with other CityFIbre areas we expect the footprint to grow in time and like Milton Keynes we might eventually see perhaps 10 to 15% of properties with a choice of two FTTP networks.


As a citizen of Inverness, I looked up Brawband when I saw this service announced yesterday. It has no included services such as TV/Sport packages etc.
While the extra speed would be brilliant, I would miss the BT Sport I get via Plusnet, and I don't think you can get BT Sport as a stand-alone service, although I think you can get it through EE, but that would mean migrating my mobile service.
The fibre cabling was run past the end of my road about 6 months ago, but the house is about a quarter of a mile away from the main road. How would they get the cable to me, assuming that is possible?

  • Jaggies
  • about 1 month ago £25/m as a standalone

If there is another 50 houses in that quarter of a mile then a good chance they might eventually build to you. if you are a lone house quarter of a mile down a road on its own then they won't be rolling out to you.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • about 1 month ago

Thanks Andrew. That link doesn't work, gives "We can’t seem to find the page that you’re looking for. Please try again, or use one of the handy links below. If you’re looking for My BT, we’ve moved this to a new location – use the link below to go to the right place." I'll have a search later.
There's only around 15 premises covered by the road, so looks unlikely that we'll be able to get it here anyway. :-(

  • Jaggies
  • about 1 month ago

Actually if I just go to I do get the page.

  • Jaggies
  • about 1 month ago

Great to see another company piggy backing on CityFibre. Now if they or Zen could come to Aberdeen to rid us of the nightmare Vodafone has been, that would be great.

  • brusuth
  • about 1 month ago

Had a letter through the door this morning from City Fibre. They are committing to 100% coverage in Inverness, and are apparently going to be bringing the fibre down our road, starting in the next seven days.
It also says to avoid parking on the pavement during the build, but as we have no pavements, might be a bit tricky...
I'm not going to hold my breath, but somewhat excited nonetheless.

  • Jaggies
  • 9 days ago

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