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LilaConnect full fibre network in Stoke on Trent now on our maps

Another corner of the UK now has access to full fibre and that is the Weston Coyney part of Stoke on Trent.

We added the currently available postcodes to our full postcode checker on Tuesday and now these are showing on our maps page.

The footprint is small at present with just 1,827 premises covered and is the first step on a roll-out that is aiming to cover 100,000 premises eventually in Stoke on Trent.

VXFIBER are the network builders, with the subsidary LilaConnect operating as the wholesale arm for various retailers such as Air Broadband. The pricing scheme does seem to follow the usual rules and may draw the ire of ASA/Ofcom in time, due to no single upfront cost and multiple elements to the monthly cost. 

Packages start at £29.99/m for 12 months rising to £39.99/m thereafter, with a £49 booking fee due when you place your order. There is an additional subscription which can either be paid as a lump sum of £650 when the date for your install has been arranged or paid as an extra £9.99/m on top of the package charge.

The £650 one-off charge is the equivalent of paying five years of £9.99/m, so if you think you will remain on the FTTP network for the long term you might eventually save some money. One assumes if you are moving into a house that previous subscribed to the LilaConnect platform and they paid the £650 fee you would not need to pay the £9.99 charge. One other advantage of paying upfront is you avoid the possibility that the £9.99 will increase as the years pass. 

Update Thursday 19th November:

Someone from a digital marketing team got in touch to ask for correction of Lila Connect to LilaConnect and to expand on the relationship between VXFiber and LilaConnect. The reasoning for not mentioning VXFiber we are told is as follows:

VX Fiber's core business is to partner with fibre owners (such as local government) and to operate these fibre networks on an Open Access basis.  LilaConnect is responsible for the fibre-to-the-premises deployment across Stoke-on-Trent and will market, sell, install and maintain the connections to this infrastructure to residents and businesses across the city.  LilaConnect provides the capability for customers to connect directly to the fibre network and gain access to all the services they require.  Its open access platform means that independent Service Provider partners are able to offer their services, giving customers access to a marketplace of essential and innovative services.  The benefit to customers is that they are not locked into a monopoly.  If customers want to switch to another Service Provider, they can do so easily depending on what contract they have with their chosen Service Provider (i.e. fixed term contract or month-to-month).


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