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trooli full fibre service appears in Uckfield

We reported on Trooli adding three new areas to its FTTP footprint earlier in the week, in a correction we need to say it was four new areas that appeared on our maps, we forget to mention Hoo.

This morning sees the addition of the town of Uckfield to the Trooli full fibre footprint and this takes the coverage we have mapped for the operator to 46,000 premises.

We don't believe the roll-out in Uckfield is complete yet, so we will check back in a few weeks to see if further areas are rolled out to and the same with Crowborough. The footprint of 46,000 premises is lower than the 50,000 reported by ispreview and the local press, the difference likely being down to small gaps that need filling in on our map of their coverage, or where the network has been built but not released to the public for ordering.

This morning has also seen our maps for Cityfibre/Vodafone Gigafast update with more roll-out in Milton Keynes and Fibrus in Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. 


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