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Fibrus full fibre roll-out added to thinkbroadband maps

The locations in Northern Ireland where Fibrus has rolled out its full fibre service is now available on our broadband maps.

Fibrus are aiming to expand to around 145,000 premises commercially, which is around 17% of Northern Ireland and if as is widely expected they have won the Project Stratum contract to deliver superfast to those without any superfast options in Northern Ireland their footprint is going to be much larger.

The Fibrus, Openreach and Virgin Media plans mean that Northern Ireland should be on the way to 100% FTTP coverage by 2025. The three FTTP networks are going to overlap in some places and there is already some 39,000 premises with a choice of two FTTP operators.

As with all the other FTTP roll-outs we do our best to spot it all, but if there are any chunks missing then a gentle nudge in the right direction will help us add the missing areas.


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