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NTL Wireless Broadband Trial Successful

NTL have announced that their wireless broadband trial operating at sites in Wandsworth, Chiswick, London Bridge and Croydon has been extremely successful.

The cable operator is now aiming to boost the number of subscribers by arranging leaflet drops and looking into local promotion. One such incentive is free service until the end of March 2003, after which a fairly competitive £24.99 monthly fee is levied. In addition, the product is advertised at 600Kbps, which is marginally faster than Home & Office 500 ADSL products.

The installation is stated to cost between £99 and £130 depending upon whether a "standard" or "non-standard" procedure is required. Minimum contract term is 12 months.

Update 30th October 2002:

NTL have published their new wireless broadband website viewable here. The site contains the familiar availability maps featuring colour coded regions representing the likelihood of obtaining service at your location. There is still no definition of the difference between a "standard" and "non-standard" installation. For more information, contact 0800 052 4658.


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