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Impact of COVID-19 on building new homes revealed

We last reported on new build homes and the progress towards every new home being built with FTTP as the default broadband connection on 24th August 2020. We have now finished working through the dataset that added the May, June and July 2020 postcodes and we are sharing some of the premises figures today to highlight how the number of properties built has shrunk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The headline is that in the 7 months of 2020 where we have data we have identified 60,183 new premises. 23,607 of these from July, June and May. In 2019 if we look at the same 7 month period there was a total of 95,022 premises built across the UK, and in 2018 for the same 7 months it was 84,590.

New build activity for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun and July of 2019 and 2020 for UK regions

(in descending order of 2020 volume)

Region/Nation20192020% change
United Kingdom 95,022 60,183 -36.6%
London 16,513 14,102 -14.6%
North West 10,574 7,920 -25%
South West  11,030 7,213 -34.6%
South East 11,821 6,671 -43.3%
Yorkshire and Humber 8,010 5,637 -29.6%
West Midlands 6,543 5,238 -19.9%
East of England 9,137 5,081 -44.3%
Scotland 8,848 3,079 -65.2%
East Midlands 4,636 1,882 -59.4%
Wales 2,390 1,303 -45.4%
Northern Ireland 1,917 1,109 -42.1%
North East 3,603 948 -73.7%

There are five months still to integrate into the 2020 figures, but projecting based on the rate seen so far this year for 2020 we can compare this for each year back to 2012.

  • Estimated 2020 total (projection for 12 months from existing 7 months) 103,170 premises
  • Actual 2019 premises 193,478 premises
  • Actual 2018 premises 217,046 premises
  • Actual 2017 premises 167,775 premises
  • Actual 2016 premises 185,904 premises
  • Actual 2015 premises 168,501 premises
  • Actual 2014 premises 146,491 premises
  • Actual 2013 premises 128,040 premises
  • Actual 2012 premises 126,988 premises

As you can see it is looking like 2020 is going to not even reach the lowest point from the previous 8 years. It is possible that there are lots of part built properties out there that will get completed in record time, but and that should be apparent once the data for August and September has been worked through (postcode data not available until late November). 

We have not mentioned the state of the broadband in these new properties, we have ran the numbers but wanted to share the specific property totals as they were so far outside the normal (broadband figures will be published Friday 16th October 2020). Usually you would be expecting our next quarterly report on new build properties in late November or early December, but the much smaller dataset meant we were able to complete our work in 5 weeks rather than the usual 10 to 12 weeks.


I guess the prices will be distorted too , supply & demand , credit rules ( negative ?) etc.

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