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4 out of 5 premises in Milton Keynes now have a full fibre option

Milton Keynes has just passed a milestone, a week ago FTTP coverage was 79.47%, on Saturday 10th October they hit 81.5% and with some more FTTP from Openreach and CityFibre on Saturday the total on 11th October is sitting at 82.22%.

Milton Keynes is the leading area for full fibre outside of the traditional KCOM stronghold of Hull and with no Virgin Media coverage take-up of FTTP should be fairly good and that seems to be supported by us seeing 29.4% of speed tests in Q3 2020 as using an FTTP connection.

We don't believe Openreach or CityFibre (sold via Vodafone Gigafast currently) has finished its roll-outs but the expectation is that if either deliver a lot more the number of properties with a choice of 2 or more networks will increase substantially from the current 12%.

Milton Keynes has 4 FTTP operators present, Openreach, CityFibre, OFNL and Hyperoptic. OFNL focus on new build estates and Hyperoptic continue to specialise in apartment blocks.


This is good news. But not for me. My street has had CityFibre installed, but only down one side of the street. So I can't get it. Having difficulty trying to find out if/when they will complete the installation in my street.

  • pc99
  • 5 months ago

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