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Openreach announces 51 more exchanges where analogue services will not be provisioned

While the core telephone network has been digital for a long time, the old copper network remained distinctly analogue and the roll-out of full fibre is being used to push towards all digital telephone services.

Openreach has announced a list of 51 exchanges where it will stop selling legacy analogue services in October 2021. These exchanges cover around 0.51 million premises and with the previously announced 118 exchanges in 12 months there will be 1.8 million premises where the old analogue services will not be available to order.

The key point to make is this is about new connections, those with existing analogue services are not expected to be moved over in exactly 12 months time, but there will be more local announcements on switching of analogue services to full fibre provisioned products. Salisbury is the exchange to keep an eye on, the stop sell applies there from December 2020 and this will be followed by a big switchover that is the trial for how well the processes work, how well the public accepts the change and discover the problems and find solutions. Salisbury is at 95.92% full fibre coverage from the Openreach network as of 8th October 2020 according to our tracking.

One of the reasons we not going into exact details of what people will see is because the move from analogue to digital and voice services being delivered over full fibre means that the voice retailer will be much more involved. At the basic level it means that rather than the telephone line plugging into the copper line that enters a property it will plug into the retailers router, something that has been going on abroad for a few years (e.g. latest Sky router has both Italian and UK phone sockets). This in itself sounds a simple enough swap, but once you add extension wiring, alarms, ringers and installing UPS for the vulnerable things do get more complex.

The list of 51 supplied by Openreach is shown below, we have added our current Openreach FTTP coverage figures. The expectation for these 51 exchanges is that they will reach at least 75% FTTP coverage by October 2021.

Exchange Name Location Exchange Code Openreach FTTP Coverage
Armagh Armagh NIAM 50.36%
Bangor Newtownards & Bangor NIBA 69.06%
Barry Vale of Glamorgan SWCFK 37.67%
Benton North Tyneside NEB 0.08%
Bow Mid Devon WWBOW 43.5%
Brentwood Brentwood EABRW 2.06%
Broadstairs Thanet NDBRO 0.32%
Bromsgrove Bromsgrove WMBPZ 38.55%
Broxburn West Lothian ESBRO 24.93%
Capheaton Northumberland NECAP 70.34%
Cardinham Cornwall WWCARD 66.06%
Caxton South Cambridgeshire EACAX 83.76%
Cheylesmore Coventry CMCHEY 0%
Doncaster Doncaster SLDC 4.03%
Doncaster North Doncaster SLDCN 0%
Dutton Diffeth Wrexham WNDD 65.87%
Eastham Wirral LVEAS 0.68%
Edwalton Rushcliffe EMEDWAL 1.37%
Glendale Highland NSGDL 0%
Halkyn Flintshire WNHAL 2.8%
Hartburn Northumberland NEHR 60.94%
Haydon Wick Swindon SSHYW 44.03%
Hepple Northumberland NEHPL 45.74%
Heriot Scottish Borders ESHER 3.27%
How Caple Herefordshire, County of WNHCP 75.29%
Ilford North Greater London LNILN 80.76%
Lillingstonedayrell Aylesbury Vale SMLD 52.04%
Linstead Suffolk Coastal EALIN 1.24%
Llanfaethlu Isle of Anglesey WNLFU 74.85%
Longridge Ribble Valley LCLON 80.41%
Lurgan Craigavon NILG 60.71%
Mountwood Wirral LVMOU 0%
Newtonards Newtownards & Bangor NINTS 54.91%
Orpington Greater London LSORP 10.79%
Penzance Cornwall WWPENZ 78.56%
Portadown Craigavon NIPO 50.98%
Rickmansworth Three Rivers LWRIC 2.54%
Saxmundham Suffolk Coastal EASXM 84.99%
Stanecastle North Ayrshire WSIRS 0.12%
Tadcaster Selby MYTAD 73.86%
Thames Ditton Elmbridge LSTHDT 0.28%
Thamesmead Greater London LSTHMD 35.96%
Thornton Heath Greater London LSTHO 83.9%
Waterloo Sefton LVWAT 82.28%
Waternish Highland NSWNS 100%
Wickford Basildon EAWFD 3.32%
Winterton North Lincolnshire SLWKT 96.52%
Wollaton Nottingham EMWOLLA 76.99%
Woodgate Birmingham CMWDGT 0.31%
Wythenshawe Greater Manchester MRWYT 82.29%
Zelah Cornwall WWZELA 66.67%

Remember that the figures are just Openreach FTTP, other full fibre providers will be available in some of these areas. Another point to remind our readers about is that with some 5,500 exchanges to keep track of there will be some where we are more up to date than others, across the UK our figures have just passed the 3 million point for Openreach FTTP but we believe there is another 0.5 million premises to be found.

Distribution of Openreach FTTP
Plot of distribution for levels of FTTP coverage across Openreach exchanges

The distribution plot is not incredibly useful and there are lots of exchanges with very little or no FTTP at this time, which with a target of 4.5 millions out of the over 30 million that exist in the UK by March 2021 is no surprise. We've published it now so that in March we can look back and see how things have changed when another million premises have been rolled out to.


Nice to see 1 exchange, Waternish, already at the 100% mark! (Noticeable that most of it's speed tests are comparatively slow.

Nice to see Haydon Wick in the list, this was a new exchange area that one of my ex-colleagues tried hard to get provided all FTTP instead of building a new exchange, as it was too far from Blunsdon to be served by copper. The proposal was refused by OFTEL on unfair competition grounds. It is all new build so should be an easy hit to 100% FTTP.

  • jumpmum
  • 14 days ago

You might want to reword that:

", those with existing analogue services are not expected to be moved other in exactly 12 months time,"

  • Croft12
  • 14 days ago

So someone who just have a phone and no broadband need to have another box just to have a phone? wow, not ideal, more to go wrong and more energy use.
Saying that if I did not have broadband I would have dumped my phone line years ago.

  • zyborg47
  • 14 days ago

Glendale has more than 0% FTTP, I think its pretty close to 100%

  • mwarby2
  • 13 days ago

Will take a look.

On smaller exchanges if its missing usually means nothing unusual has shown up speed test wise, i.e. no obvious FTTP speed tests to draw attention to area

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 13 days ago

mwarby / Andrew

May want to look at Dunvegan as well, in fact may be worth looking at the whole of Skye as Elgol also has some high tests appearing. As does Armadale.

  • jumpmum
  • 13 days ago

Speed tests alone are not enough, it also needs the service to be available. Elgol nothing suggests Openreach FTTP is actually available.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 13 days ago

Should add, intent is to go through this list of 51 exchanges to look for new bits. Just need to find time to slip them into the cycle.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 13 days ago

I suspect Dunvegan won't have much, as Dunvegan has FTTC, Glendale and Waternish were both ADSL(not even 2/2+) only, Glendale was switched on sometime over the summer, with much of the civils done last year. No idea about the south end

  • mwarby2
  • 13 days ago

Down south end I think the University of Highland and Islands have a campus with fiber connectivity - that may explain or or 2 speed tests

  • mwarby2
  • 13 days ago

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