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UK hits 17% full fibre coverage point

The UK hit the 16% mark back on 28th August 2020 and now just 39 days later we are seeing our tracking hitting 17% of UK premises passed by Fibre to the Premises. The actual figure as of this morning was 17.012656% of UK premises.

The previous percentage point of improvement took 43 days and the one before that 48 days, this suggests that things are accelerating, though this will be a combination of us improving our tracking and the full fibre operators building more. Whether the pace will continue to improve or hold up during the winter months depends on the traditional weather factors and this year particularly whether the pandemic has an impact in terms workforce availability.

At the start of 2020 we made a mad cap prediction that the UK might hit 20% full fibre coverage by the 31st December 2020 and on current progress this seems unlikely but it looks like we will be at around 19%.

There are now 20 local authorities with FTTP coverage above 50%, these are:

  1. City of Kingston upon Hull 99.03%
  2. Milton Keynes 80.59%
  3. Belfast 74.76%
  4. Epson and Ewell District 64.07%
  5. Exeter District 63.58%
  6. York 62.43%
  7. Salford District 60.09%
  8. Lisburn and Castlereagh 59.24%
  9. Ards and North Down 59.05%
  10. Tameside District 58.51%
  11. Coventry District 56.5%
  12. Antrim and Newtownabbey 56.45%
  13. Derry and Strabane 55.42%
  14. Mid and East Antrim 55.23%
  15. Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon 54.09%
  16. City of Bristol 53.49%
  17. City of Westminster 51.23%
  18. Barking and Dagenham 51.22%
  19. Thanet District 50.88%
  20. Tower Hamlets 50.29%

If you want to see the full list visit which is sortable and links to each individual council. The local authority figures have been updated this morning, but the constituency figures are waiting for the next scheduled update on the morning of 7th October.



Looking at the full list there is an apparent interesting correlation between Ultrafast and Utilisation, that doesn't always follow for FTTP, tgis may either indicate a lot of tests of higher bandwidth FTTP or more higher bandwidth FTTP products have not been included in all FTTP areas yet within the utilisation calc. It would be interesting to see a graph (Scatter) of utilisation against 1, Ultrafast, 2 FTTP coverage.


  • jumpmum
  • 16 days ago

Ultrafast - the bulk being Virgin Media that has been present for many years.

Date of arrival in an area is a key thing in the puzzle.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 16 days ago

Give it another 20 years and we may see most of the U.K covered. Other countries are way in front, even smaller ones.

  • zyborg47
  • 16 days ago

That would be because other countries were laying fibre years before the UK started... so we would always be in the position of catch up...

  • themanstan
  • 15 days ago

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