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BT picks Nokia as strategic partner to replace Huawei in mobile network

At this time there are two main choices for mobile providers, sign with Nokia or Ericsson and BT has agreed and signed a deal with Nokia that will see the Finnish company replacing existing 2G and 4G Huawei kit in the EE/BT mobile network as well as expanding the 5G network footprint.

The cost of this deal which would reveal some of the costs involved in removing Huawei kit from the mobile networks is currently unknown, but with the end of the quarter just a couple of days away we might see the impact in the next quarters financial results.

Nokia is also a supplier for the full fibre network roll-out but in the fixed line sector as yet no move has been made to remove Huawei kit. Not removing the fixed line Huawei hardware may also be partly down to the age of some of the Huawei hardware and that as that active hardware gets older it was already set to be superceded by full fibre i.e. the replacement will happen as part of the switch from DSL to FTTP over the next decade or so.

Digital connectivity is critical to the UK’s economic future, creating jobs and underpinning sustainable growth. That’s why BT is making game-changing investments in full fibre and 5G. In a fast-moving and competitive market, it’s critical we make the right technology choices. With this next stage of our successful relationship with Nokia we will continue to lead the rollout of fixed and mobile networks to deliver stand-out experiences for customers.

Philip Jansen, CEO, BT Group


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