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Gigaclear full fibre appears in Gosfield, Essex

The various FTTP roll-outs mean there are lots of announcements of plans but more important is firms following through with these plans. Today sees us highlight a deployment of FTTP in Essex by Gigaclear and given the locations that are live already have VDSL2 at over 40 Mbps we presume this is part of the Gigaclear commercial deployment. 

As of 24th September just three postcodes appear to be live, but most of the others in the village are showing as being built to. Both of the VDSL2 cabinets in the village were rolled out commercially back in 2013 rather than via the Essex BDUK project.

It is possible that this deployment is part of a wider roll-out in the area and the village was the optimum point to locate the cabinet that the fibres are ran from out to the more outlying areas where speeds are a lot slower. Once more postcodes are enabled the situation will become a lot clearer.


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