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CityFibre Fibre Nation appears in Hollins Green

  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020 10:23 AM

The TalkTalk Fibre Nation roll-out which is now retailed by TalkTalk but built and owned by CityFibre has focused on more urban areas with the core roll-out in York and an off shoot in Dewsbury until now. The villages of Rixton and Hollins Green which look like a single village on maps that is situated between Manchester and Warrington now has the Gigabit full fibre service available.

We are pretty sure that the roll-out to this village is not a sudden change in direction, the roll-out is apparently the result of the Government Gigabit Voucher Scheme. All but one of the postcodes seem to have full coverage in the village but the roll-out is slated to complete by the end of the year, so it may be that some of the other nearby postcodes are being built to.

The area of RIxton had its own VDSL2 cabinet already and some of the further properties from the cabinet already have access to FTTP via the Openreach network. 

The broadband Universal Service Obligation is under attack over the size of some of the quotes individuals have received, with the highest being £100,000 to deliver FTTP. In some ways the success of the Gigabit voucher scheme which is able to overbuild even superfast broadband is the ability to stack vouchers together if enough properties get onboard and this makes it superior to the Ofcom/BT USO system. Another advantage of the voucher scheme is the wider choice of suppliers. High quotes for USO will not suprise lots of our readers who've got used to eye watering fibre on demand quotes with the good and bad being discussed on our forums.


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  • 9 days ago

£100K is clearly a snip ......... if this report is to be relied on .....

'.....when married Mr Roberts, 65, decided to apply for this scheme, which has to be done on an individual basis, BT quoted him £502,586.40.'

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