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Rossington in Doncaster now has Virgin Media cable broadband available

Rossington which lies on the southern edge of Doncaster is one of the latest areas to benefit from the Project Lightning build that Virgin Media is doing.

The roll-out in Rossington is FTTP based, utilising RFOG which means Virgin Media is using a small media converter on the external wall of each property so that existing DOCSIS hardware can be used in the home for TV and broadband services.

A couple of other areas of note with recent Project Lightning expansion are Armagh in Northern Ireland and Brandhall in Birmingham. The Brandhall roll-out also has the Virgin Media Gig1 service available with download speeds to the router of 1108 Mbps, upload is more limited at 50 Mbps due to the upload streams still utilising DOCSIS 3.0 rather than the newer DOCSIS 3.1 protocol.


Other areas of Doncaster are also getting Virgin Media through Project Lighning, Armthorpe's build is also in the process of going live

  • haydnwalker
  • 16 days ago

The rollout in Weston-super-Mare is moving at pace. Your coverage map is well out of date there...

  • rickdg
  • 16 days ago

Weston-super-mare has had a chunk of Virgin Media added, map is updating over course of next day

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 15 days ago

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