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Five local authority areas have 1 in 10 properties with potential FTTC waiting list issues

The impact of the waiting lists as people delay new orders or migrations due to the various capacity issues that can arise for VDSL2 issues may be running at just 2.07% for the whole UK but there are a number of areas where the impact is much more significant

Five Worst Council Areas

  1. Isles of Scilly 23% impact from FTTC waiting list
  2. Orkney Islands 17.46%
  3. Isle of Wight 17.41%
  4. Shetland Islands 10.49%
  5. Merthyr Tydfil 10.44%

We last looked at the impact of waiters back in May 2020 when the overall UK impact was 1.83% but this has risen to 2.07% in our tracking. 2% may seem a low figure but it can be incredibly frustrating for those left waiting. The worst part is that a number of broadband retailers do not make it clear to potential customers that VDSL2 is available but they cannot process the order at this point time and only offer their ADSL/ADSL2+ services.

The frustration is likely to get worse as the take-up of FTTC and other faster than ADSL2+ services is set to increase and while in some areas FTTP or cable options will be also available the limited number of retailers selling the Openreach FTTP products continues to impact on the public. 

Regions and impact of VDSL2 waiting list
Regions listed in order of decreasing number of premises in region
Coverage levels take into the account impact of waiters
RegionWaiting list impact
(% premises)
Superfast coverage
30 Mbps and faster
Openreach partial/full fibre coverage any speedOpenreach Superfast coverage
30 Mbps and faster
UK -2.07% 94.39% 90.6% 88%
Great Britain -2.08% 94.58% 90.4% 88%
England -1.96% 95.05% 90.2% 88%
London -1.35% 96.23% 88.3% 87.1%
North West -2.24% 94.8% 92.4% 90%
South West -3.07% 92.28% 88.9% 84.8%
West Midlands -1.23% 96.45% 90.7% 89%
East of England -2.03% 94.41% 91.6% 88.9%
Scotland -2.77% 91.59% 90.5% 86.8%
Yorkshire and Humber -1.14% 95.91% 90.7% 88.6%
South East -2.28% 95.27% 91.4% 89.2%
Wales -2.94% 92.15% 93.3% 90.3%
East Midlands -1.90% 95.85% 92.5% 90.6%
North East -3.03% 94.71% 83.7% 82.6%
Northern Ireland -1.52% 88.42% 96.6% 86.7%

The capacity/waiting list is very dynamic so our figures are actually a snap shot from the week ending 15th August 2020.



Merthyr is on the list for Fibre first FTTP so OR are unlikely to increase FTTC capacity, from the map this has already started in some areas and could relieve the pressure on FTTC. Do you take out the areas with FTTP as well as FTTC from your calculation?

  • jumpmum
  • 6 months ago

I'm in an area currently being upgraded to FTTP. I've been on the wait list for FTTC for a few months but I've been told (unofficially) that it is a case of "dead man's shoes" ie only chance is customers coming off of fibre as they are not currently increasing cab capacity.

  • 6 months ago

In theory FTTP should help, just whether providers realise and market to people or not.

In terms of figures FTTP overlays will help, as we consider FTTC available.

Merthyr is at the start of the Fibre First journey, so far seems to be the easy newish build bits that have been done.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 6 months ago

Not a surprise at all that this has gone up given recent events.

Openreach working with reduced numbers both of their own staff and contractors and having to heavily reprioritise work due to some virus going around.

An awful lot of resources were thrown at getting key workers online, better, as they were needed.

Though I have no doubt some here will resent doctors and other key workers being prioritised for FTTP just because of a pandemic.

  • CarlThomas
  • 6 months ago

The Cabinet based fibre headend could make a dent in these numbers where you can migrate a suitable housing estate to FTTP, possibly only a worth while option where further cabinet extension is hard, Of course you'd have to ensure the take up justified the reasoning for doing the FTTP. Adding more FTTC doesn't seem to be desirable anyway.

  • Swac3
  • 6 months ago

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