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1 in 4 UK premises now have access to a Gigabit broadband option

The race to 100% Gigabit availablity by the end of 2025 (i.e. 31st March 2026) is underway and is set to be delivered via a mixture of DOCSIS 3.1 and Fibre to the Premises. There may be some 5G in the mix eventually, but as yet none of the commercial 5G services are offering Gigabit or better connection speeds.

The latest Gigabit coverage level as of 6th August 2020 is 25.71% but is not evenly distributed across the UK, the council areas where Gigabit coverage is over 75% are listed below:

  1. City of Kingston upon Hull 99.03% Gigabit Availability
  2. West Dunbartonshire 93.04%
  3. Birmingham District 91.05%
  4. Reading 90.11%
  5. Redditch District 88.81%
  6. City of Edinburgh 89.71%
  7. Dudley District 88.22%
  8. Tamworth District 87.78%
  9. City of Southampton 87.62%
  10. St Helens District 87.07%
  11. Coventry District 88.82%
  12. Solihull District 86.16%
  13. Burnley District 84.2%
  14. East Dunbartonshire 82.66%
  15. Liverpool District 82.45%
  16. Falkirk 81.61%
  17. Nuneaton and Bedworth District 80.85%
  18. Knowsley 80.72%
  19. Leeds District 80.45%
  20. North Lanarkshire 79.82%
  21. Bolton District 79.54%
  22. Bradford District 77.6%
  23. Walsall District 77.54%
  24. East Renfrewshire 76%
  25. Sandwell District 75.8%

Our coverage tracker has been updated at the local authority level, but the constituency table is still based on data from 1st August but will update on 7th August with our monthly regional round-up.

At the bottom of the table is Isles of Scilly at 0% and Orkney 0.34%, but Portsmouth, Lincoln and Oxford with less than 1% Gigabit coverage may surprise some, though all three of these urban areas will rocket up the table once Virgin Media Gig1 roll-out reaches them.

The key in the race to 100% Gigabit coverage is the amount of overlap between the different Gigabit capable services and as things stand today, the full fibre roll-outs and DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 networks have a 6% of UK premises overlap and 0.92% of UK premises have a choice of 2 or more FTTP networks. Openreach who the story goes will always overbuild competing FTTP networks has 0.61% of UK premises where both it is present and another FTTP operator - a good number of these being new apartments where both Hyperoptic and Openreach are present. These overlaps are going to increase as the CityFibre Gigabit Cities and Openreach Fibre First exchange programmes build more in the next few years.


This is amazing progress and I'm sure it will give politicians a warm feeling that the 100% gigabit coverage target is possible - but presumably the properties that have gained from VM's upgrade were already superfast or ultrafast, so are very easy compared to building new FTTP in remote (or not so remote) areas.
Anyway, only another 74% to go before I'll be in the next 1%.

  • sheephouse
  • 7 months ago

It'll be a while before we get it, we're in a block of flats and I can't see FTTP making it into this building any time soon...

  • g6urp
  • 7 months ago

Kind of dishonest to say Gig coverage considering their upload is capped to 50Mb/s and it's really coax that you're using.

Really undervalues real fibre services such as HyperOptic - public ignorance is bliss in allowing this blatant fraud e.g. On VM's website "full fibre" with a picture of a copper cable...

  • corbend
  • 7 months ago

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