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Virgin Media results to end of June 2020 released

Virgin Media is the latest broadband provider to release its results as part of the wider results for its owner Liberty Global.

Revenue was reported as down at 6.8% with the COVID-19 situation being the root cause, with things like lower revenues as almost all sporting events were delayed or cancelled, closed high street shops and not collecting late fees for those making late payments during the lockdown.

The importance of broadband say a very positive quarter, adding 23,900 net customers in April, May and June 2020 in UK & Ireland compared to a loss of some 5,600 in the same three months a year ago. Some of these will have been people who have only recently had access to the Virgin Media network which grew its footprint by some 93,000 premises in the quarter, but with work from home being thrust upon millions a faster or second broadband connection with a different will certainly have driven sales. The declared footprint is 15,072,000 premises passed by the DOCSIS network and some 5,318,400 broadband subscribers.

The 23,900 net customers masks that for the UK they actually gained 33,200 broadband subscribers, Ireland gained 1,800. Losses in the telephone and video subscriptions cause the overall impact to be dampened, highlighting perhaps that for those looking to economise a number of people are picking broadband over traditional TV and telephone bundles.

The last quarter saw the Virgin Media Gig1 footprint grow and today while no official press release has appeared the Gig1 service is now available in Leeds, Bradford and Glasgow. Our checker will update over the next few days as we map out the extent of the area, whether it will push the UK to 25% Gigabit coverage will depend on the degree of overlap with FTTP networks in Leeds and Glasgow.

The Virgin Media Gig1 service generally does not make into our monthly speed test table due to the sample size being too low, i.e. as the premium product only a few people have jumped onto the 1108 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up service as yet. So this product split summary for Q2 2020 is the first time we have published an average speed for Virgin Media Gig1 speed tests, but with the caveat of a very small sample size.

Virgin Media product popularity based on speed test results in Q2 2020

  • Virgin Media M100 38.7% of speed tests Median speeds 28.3 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up
  • Virgin Media M200 48.9% of speed tests Median speeds 108.5 Mbps down and 10.3 Mbps up
  • Virgin Media M350 11.8% of speed tests Median speeds 185.2 Mbps down and 32.4 Mbps up
  • Virgin Media M500 0.6% of speed tests Median speeds 387.9 Mbps down and 35.6 Mbps up
  • Virgin Media Gig1 <0.01 of="" speed="" tests="" median="" speeds="" 699="" 4="" mbps="" down="" and="" 53="" up="" li="">

The charts for the monthly median download speeds show a dip in May and June 2020, which as there was no dip in the upload speeds suggests that rather than being a significant change in product demographic of those running speedtests a number of people were seeing slower speeds.

The upload speeds show the impact of the various upgrades that made the M100 product the entry level service back in 2019 and while the median download speed looks very low, a large chunk of this is the impact of the majority of people using Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet cables to connect in the home.

Virgin Media monthly download speeds
Virgin Media median download speeds September 2015 to July 2025
Virgin Media monthly upload speeds
Virgin Media median upload speeds September 2015 to July 2025


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