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TalkTalk full fibre maybe available if happy to sit in a phone queue

TalkTalk selling FTTP over the Openreach network has been long awaited but it is not a full launch, but just about close enough for us to bother writing about now.

While most people understand what FTTP and full fibre means, TalkTalk are introducing a new term for their FTTP service over the Openreach network Future Fibre. Two packages will be available both with 24 month terms and does not include a voice service.

  • Future Fibre 150 Mbps £34.95/m
  • Future Fibre 500 Mbps (75 Mbps upload) £39.95/m

To order you need to phone up, but hopefully once TalkTalk have figured out a online checker that will show the select locations they will move to online ordering. We will not be showing the service in our package listings yet, since there is no online order option.

No Gigabit product as yet, and the lack of any voice service is interesting. This may put some people off, since they will want to retain a voice service, which should be possible if you retain your old copper phone line but you need to pay someone for the service then, and while the TalkTalk FTTP pricing looks attractive once you factor in a VoIP service or traditional copper voice line it is not so competitive. Of course if you are someone who does not care about your phone line and it has nothing plugged in the lower price is welcome. We bet that TalkTalk is gambling that early adopters will not care about the phone line and that as part of the full fibre switch over trial in Salisbury a broadband router with a built in voice port will appear, i.e. just like the BT Digital Voice service. Why TalkTalk is so slow an integrated VoIP service that is easy to use for the public we don't know, it is not as if the move towards FTTP is a surprise.

In terms of terminology TalkTalk now has three types of ultrafast service

  • Faster 150 Fibre a DSL based service avialable to between 2.3 million and 2.8 million premises starting at £28/m
  • Future Fibre 150 and 500, which is only available in selected locations, thought to be around 1.5 million premises from the full 3 million Openreach FTTP footprint.
  • TalkTalk UFO a FTTP service available in large parts of York and some areas of Dewsbury with a single 900 Mbps package at £27.50/m on an 18 month term.

The selected locations we believe to mean TalkTalk is only selling service from a limited set of major exchanges, there are around 1,200 exchanges that host FTTP headends in the UK and all of these we believe have a TalkTalk backhaul network present but a good number will only have older headends with 1 Gbps links to the provider networks rather than the preferred 10 Gbps links used today. One of our tasks once you don't have to ring TalkTalk up is to identify these exchanges and attempt to filter our package listings and help other sites that consume our availability API.


As per the thread in forums, I would advise anyone to stay well clear until they have some experience of what they are actually selling, so far they are clueless.

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