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Fire causes broadband problems in North England

Hopefully no one is injured, but it appears a fire at around midday caused Andrews and Arnold to issue a service status update for customers in the Newcastle, Durham and Carlisle area.

The problem was initially identified as a cluster of dropped lines with an update from BT around 1pm indicating that a fire has impacted a fibre node serving an area.

We don't know if this is a fire in a single head end exchange, thus affecting a number of satellite exchanges served by Openreach fibre, or whether this is a larger node affecting a number of exchanges. If we learn anything more we will update everyone.

Update 3:40pm It appears from around 2.30pm service was being restored, with power coming back on in the exchange building. As is normal after a power cut power is restored in steps to avoid a blunt switch on causing further issues, which means some services may have started working before others.


Newcastle / NCL is one of the twenty 21CN core nodes.

Ugh. Hope no-one is harmed and everyone made it out okay.

  • CarlThomas
  • 19 days ago

FTTP & FTTC circuits from a number of providers (Plusnet, Cerberus, Zen, BT Business) failed just before noon in Swaledale & York so I would say it is pretty major.

  • tdw42
  • 19 days ago

ADSL down too

  • TomK134
  • 19 days ago

I'm on NEG (Gosforth)exchange,Newcastle upon Tyne isp Talk Talk & my fttc connection is fine

  • batemansxxxb
  • 19 days ago

Affected South East Scotland too. I came back online at 14:06 so let's hope it's not as serious as it sounded.

  • chrisdev
  • 19 days ago

It’s the Hadrian House exchange in Newcastle

  • zm08
  • 19 days ago

@zm08, different building apparently

  • ribble
  • 19 days ago

My connection was not affected in Durham City.

  • Fellwalker
  • 19 days ago

@zm08 Nope, it wasn’t Hadrian. It was Newcastle Central.

  • _Mike_B_
  • 18 days ago

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