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KCOM extends FTTP to Pocklington and Howden

The KCOM Lightstream expansion in the East Riding of Yorkshire is spreading further from Hull. The two latest towns to see the full fibre service appear are Howden and Pocklington.

Virgin Media Gig1 availability in Edinburgh
Map of KCOM Lightstream coverage in East Riding of Yorkshire 21st July 2020

This is just the first few postcodes in each area but a lot more are expected in the coming weeks. Residents will no doubt notice the work as it passes their home but as with other providers the work outside individual homes is just part of a larger jigsaw puzzle of work needed so it can be some weeks or even months between them working in an individual street to being able to order.

Places such as Goole are also expected to see the FTTP option arrive in the next couple of months.


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