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3 million premises passed by FTTP declared by Openreach

We updated with our figures for the last Monday on Sunday 12th and in the comments someone mentioned that Openreach was at a total 3 million premises. We have checked and this is the case with Openreach hitting the 3 million point on 8th July 2020.

This means that to reach the ambition of 4.5 million premises they need to consistently pass some 176,000 premises each month if to hit the target by 31st March 2021.

On Sunday we had 2,547,833 premises in our database for where Openreach FTTP is available and with the work done on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday has now risen to 2,564,354 premises. Thank you to the handful of people who have emailed with bits of new coverage that we have not added so far, both large and small. Our map showing where Openreach FTTP is deployed is updating every day at present given the number of new areas appearing rather than the older Fibre First incremental changes we have seen previously.

So while we are 440,000 premises behind the official figure, as we have now had two months at 130,000 and 140,000 additions which are the two highest months for build rate we are staying within our goal of being 8 to 10 weeks behind the official figures. The key now is to see our monthly reports get closer to the 176,000 figure and ideally exceed that to catch-up with what is happening on the ground. 

The topic of premises passed always attracts questions so we want to make it clear that in our totals we are only counting postcodes where the majority of premises can actually order FTTP from an ISP that sells the Openreach service (for other FTTP operators the same criteria is applied). So for those who have have the connectorised blocks hanging from 'their' pole but service is not available you are not included in the totals yet. It is also worth pointing out that we do not count leased lines in our figures.


@thinkbroadband Would be interesting to see ONT breakdown, got a feeling most of these are Huawei with recent news.

  • @chrisbond
  • comment via twitter
  • 28 days ago

We use Nokia in Salisbury

  • Stmjg01
  • 28 days ago

@Chris BT have long split their equip manufacturers. And the gov announcement wasn't really aimed at fttp where the issue is small...

  • Croft12
  • 28 days ago

"Our map showing where Openreach FTTP is deployed is updating every day". But today the map says "Coverage Figures Last Updated: 11-07-2020". There's might have been fibre in my street for four days I wouldn't know... ;)

  • Crookston
  • 28 days ago

Correct, the map is updating every day for Openreach FTTP coverage at present. Postcodes update every day with very rare exceptions, e.g. Christmas Day

The coverage figures as in % are generally updated weekly on a Saturday morning, or 1st and 7th of each month.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 28 days ago

Hi Broadband Watchers.
Please remember that the Post Code has a dedicated GPS position I think it is 12 digits marking the lat/long spot this they use for the test and trace thus keeping the person not identified.

  • Blackmamba
  • 28 days ago

Believe you are making a hash out of confusing lat/lng/uprn/address/postcode system.

Throwing in the comments about test and trace adds to the confusion.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 28 days ago

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