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Openreach declares over 80,000 homes passed with full fibre in Edinburgh - UPDATED

The FTTP build from Openreach in Edinburgh is not finished, but by declaring they have passed 80,000 premises a few days after the Virgin Media Gig1 switch on it will remind people of the choices lots of people have in the city.

We’ve made great progress here in Edinburgh despite the challenges of Covid-19 restrictions, with 80,000 city households and businesses now able to connect to our new full fibre broadband network.

Connectivity’s been vital for city businesses, home workers and families home educating during the lockdown, with record demand across our network. Now, as the nation faces the economic fallout from the pandemic, it’s going to be even more essential.

Our rollout in Edinburgh offers these 80,000 homes and businesses access to the fastest, most reliable broadband available anywhere in the UK. That gives the city an economic edge for the recovery – so I’d urge people to check if they can upgrade now.

The copper network is coming to the end of its working life and will eventually be switched off. Edinburgh businesses and residents can be early adopters to the new full fibre network, with a choice of providers who use the Openreach network to offer services.

We’re grateful to The City of Edinburgh Council – without their support we couldn’t have reached today’s landmark in our full fibre rollout.

Robert Thorburn, Openreach’s Partnership Director for Scotland

No news on how high the coverage figure is finally expected to be but as lockdown restrictions ease work is restarting in Stockbridge and the West End, Craiglockhart and Portobello areas. The Maybury, West Edinburgh, and the city centre’s Waverley exchange areas should see their builds start later in 2020.

So has Openreach passed 80,000 premises in Edinburgh? Our analysis as of 6am on 6th July 2020 had an Openreach FTTP footprint of 68,107 premises and once you combine this with Hyperoptic, CityFibre, Virgin Media RFOG and Fibre Nest this rises to 80,909 premises. The 68,107 figure is going to update overnight as once we saw this Edinburgh item we bumped our checks for Edinburgh to the top of the list and more has been found and no doubt there is more to be found too. We also know that it is often the case that some premises in the Openreach figures are fully built but not released to the ISP for people to order, i.e. premises passed in the last week or two might not show up for another week or two.

As of 6th July the City of Edinburgh was enjoying Gigabit coverage levels of 89.36% largely due to the Virgin Media Gig1 switch on, FTTP for all providers was sitting at 30.19% and Openreach FTTP at 25.42% of premises.

Update 10am Tuesday 7th July: The quick sweep across Edinburgh has found another 3,000 Openreach FTTP premises taking the total to 71,477 that we have mapped (26.67%). There is also some additional CityFibre (Vodafone Gigafast) footprint taking the combined FTTP total to 31.34%. These figures though are already out of date as more CityFibre coverage has been found in The Inch area and no doubt if we continue to look more Openreach will be found, but its the turn of other parts of the UK for a few days.


When you say premises.. do you meaning buildings or do you mean individual houses/flats. As with Hyperoptic for example In just one apartment block they service in Edinburgh (That I used to live in) has 452 Individual flats, all with Hyperoptic available to them. Therefore I question the 80,909 figure, unless there is some overlap being discounted.

  • brusuth
  • about 1 month ago

If 452 apartments then would be 452 apartments i.e. premises

NOTE: The total FTTP premises count made it to 85,000 by mid afternoon and will be higher tomorrow morning.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • about 1 month ago

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