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BT Fibre 1 service on offer for £26.99 a month

After the tweaks in Plusnet pricing that saw a price cut offset by a reduced sign-up reward similar has happened at BT with its own Fibre 1 service.

The 24 month contract service has seen the BT Reward Card (the usual prepaid MasterCard) reduce in value from £80 to £50, which wipes out the saving from the £1/m reduction in the service cost from £27.99/m to £26.99/m.

The Fibre 1 service is delivered via VDSL2 using the Openreach 55/10 package and therefore exact speeds will vary based on distance to the VDSL2 cabinet. An increasing number of homes though will see the service delivered over the Fibre to the Premises network where connection speeds are nailed to the 55/10 of the underlying product.

All the products have 24 month contracts and next set of price changes is expected after 9th July 2020. All feature unlimited download and upload usage.

  • BT Fibre Essential (40/10 VDSL2 or FTTP service) £26.99/m with £19.99 setup fee.
  • BT Fibre 1 (55/10 VDSL2 or FTTP service) £26.99/m with £9.99 setup fee and £50 BT Reward Card
  • BT Fibre 2 (80/20 VDSL2 or FTTP service) £31.99/m with £9.99 setup fee and £110 BT Reward Card
  • BT Full Fibre 300 (FTTP service) £49.99/m with £9.99 setup fee.

A bit of housekeeping for our BT package list, where we've split out the ultrafast and FTTP products into distinct services and adjusted the package filtering. When people click through to the BT site while we list a 100 package for and FTTP this often does not show up, we do not know what logic BT is running to decide if the entry level ultrafast tier appears. Another package that may confuse is Full Fibre 300 and Full Fibre 500 we list both at the same price, but at present BT is only showing the 300 option in FTTP areas.

As is usual with broadband price offers the pricing and rewards shown apply to new customers, existing BT customers should see individual offers when they sign into the BT portal. Advice as always is if looking to upgrade and the price is higher than what new customers would pay, try phoning up and see if they will do you the better deal and double check what the impact will be on any contract term. 


Still not competitive though. Great reliable product but poor customer service from my own experience - not good enough in today's market.

  • zhango
  • about 1 month ago

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