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Vodafone drops broadband speed guarantee

One of the main visible advantages on the Vodafone Home Broadband partial fibre services was the speed guarantee, but we have removed mention of it because we have been told it is ending and thus should not be used to promote the service.

The Vodafone speed guarantee offered you the ability to claim 15% off the monthly price which you claimed by the smartphone app if your sync speed fell below the guaranteed value, e.g. Vodafone Superfast 1 had a guarantee of 25 Mbps.

As for why the guarantee has been dropped we don't know, it might have been costing Vodafone too much, or no one was ever claiming so saw no point another possibility is that support was busy dealing with speed complaints but as the sync speed was still good people were confused as to why they could not claim their 15% off.

Sync speed is the speed the modem is connecting to the local green VDSL2 cabinet at, this defines the maximum speed you can get on a service but even then the overheads of error correction and protocol translation mean the best throughput rates seen on a PC will be 5 to 10% below the sync speed.

We don't know what will happen for existing Vodafone customers, the communication asking everyone to remove the guarantee indicated that the guarantee should work for roughly another month. As this is a fairly major change to the service conditions we would expect Vodafone to contact its customers and as one of my broadband lines is with Vodafone I'll let everyone know if/when an email arrives.

One quirk to mention that is an observation from just one line rather than a rigorous scientific study is that the Vodafone router shipped some two years ago would sync below the 25 Mbps speed guarantee at 24 Mbps, but by removing the Ethernet WAN port sticker and using a cheap TP-Link W9970 running in bridge mode I was able to gain 5 to 6 Mbps of sync speed. Periodically the Vodafone router is used as the modem and this drop in sync speed repeats each time.


I am not a Vodafone customer, but according to BT, I am able to get a maximum of 16.8Mbps download, but have never got more than 9Mbps, which is according to a BT engineer some years ago down to the fact that part of the line between my house and the cabinet is aluminium, not copper.

I suspect that this may be the reason that Vodafone have made this change.

  • mollcons
  • about 1 month ago

I have been a Vodafone customer for 12 months and have had the 15% discount every month. I have also had line drops >= 6 times a day and well in excess of 20 engineer visits.

  • Dannytucker001
  • about 1 month ago

Based on an Angry VF facebook group*, I'd suggest that VF are likely to suffering from a poor performing network in some areas and this is to avoid discounts, as maybe they are planning in onboarding lots more customers.

fwiw: service works great for me.

* obviously these groups are full of well balanced and happy people, not.

  • mbames
  • about 1 month ago

According to ISPreview this was removed from the webpage by Vodafone as a mistake and the discount is still applied. As I can't get 25mbps I saw it as an effective way of paying less for my crappy line and signed up last week. Can't be any worse a service than EE was.

  • cheesemp
  • about 1 month ago

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