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Zzoomm crops prices for its 400, 900 and 2000 Mbps services

The UK now has a residential full fibre service selling a 2 Gbps connection for just £99/m!

Zzoomm has left its entry level of 100 Mbps down (10 Mbps) FTTP product unchanged at £29/m but the other three packages have seen big drops.

  • POW! 400 Mbps down (40 Mbps up) drops from £49/m to £39/m
  • WHOOSH! 900 Mbps down (90 Mbps up) drops from £89/m to £59/m
  • WOW! 2000 Mbps down (200 Mbps up) has the biggest drop at £189/m to £99/m

The rise in demand for higher speeds over the last few months has been tremendous. Zzoomm’s Full Fibre broadband is the most reliable solution to get and keep the UK connected at the speed we all want. Our new lower prices for higher speeds will enable current and future customers to stay better connected as we move out of lockdown and into our new way of working and living.

Here at Zzoomm we are bringing Full Fibre broadband to Henley-on-Thames and beyond, building a fast and resilient network that meets the needs of our customers, now and in the future.

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive

The full fibre service is currently only available in Henley on Thames (map of postcodes where service is available). The service will expand outside of Henley on Thames and the aim is to roll-out to around one million premises by 2025.


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