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Plusnet price reduction offset by lower value reward cards

The cycle of higher and lower pricing for people looking to join Plusnet is once more at the lower end and while the prices are £1/m less than in June, the reward cards for new customers are now £10 to £20 lower in value.

The price and offer is for new customers and the 'from' element is because Plusnet has low cost and high cost areas. The low cost area is the vast majority of the UK and when you check your speed estimate on the Plusnet site you will find out if in the large low cost area.

Broadband and line rental (included in the pricing shown) are fixed price and will not rise during the minimum contract term i.e. 18 months in this latest set of offers.


The 40/10 service costs £19.21 after deducting the £50 reward card which is still very good value. I joined last year and after deducting the £75 reward card I am paying £17.82. It's been a great service so I will rejoin if I get a good retention offer.

  • zhango
  • about 1 month ago

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