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Openreach announces their Coventry full fibre build passing 40,000 mark

Full fibre is probably the last broadband wiring upgrade you will need in your lifetime and Openreach is building at an increasing pace in various places across the UK. Today the infrastructure operator has announced its build in Coventry is over the 40,000 households and businesses point for those with the option to order a FTTP service.

We’re making great progress here in the Coventry area and our full fibre build has continued despite the obvious challenges. As well as keeping the existing network running, our engineers have continued building the new infrastructure to make sure that as lockdown restrictions ease, our network is there to support families, businesses and the economic recovery.

I’d encourage everyone who can to switch to the new technology and take advantage of the many benefits. ‘Full fibre’ is more reliable and more resilient meaning fewer faults and more predictable, consistent speeds. It is also ‘future-proof’ to easily meet the growing data demands of future technologies

Kasam Hussain, Openreach’s Regional Partnership Director in Central England

Our broadband map shows the state of the Openreach FTTP roll-out as we had mapped on 20th June and as you can see the various Openreach exchanges with substantional FTTP roll-outs are concentrated in western half of the city. The competing network from CityFibre is at this time in the northern part of the city, but the two areas do overlap where they meet.

So has Openreach passed more than 40,000 premises? Well our tracking as of the morning of 23rd June showed a footprint of 37,639 premises, but this is set to increase with the continuing roll-out particularly on the Keresley exchange. We expect to edge closer to 40,000 with some updates working their way through our systems as we write this article and will update later today.

Openreach with its footprint we know about is covering 25.65% of Coventry district and once you add CityFibre and the Vodafone Gigafast service along with others such as Hyperoptic and OFNL the FTTP coverage rises to 44.61%. The Gigabit coverage levels are much higher though as the Virgin Media Gig1 service is available taking the combined total to 85.88%. The overlap between the competing full fibre networks and Openreach is running at 3.77%.

Update 3pm 23rd June 2020: The premises count for Openreach FTTP in Coventry has updated to 38,715 which is 26.38% of premises in the city, with the overall FTTP rising to 45.12%. These extra premises are already in our package search and API and a further update will take place overnight.

Update 9:45am 24th June 2020: Final update to this news item on what we have found in Coventry, the Openreach FTTP total has increased to 39,130 premises which is 26.66% of premises. Our map is updating to show the latest postcodes with FTTP coverage, with the highest zoom level due to update later on Wednesday.


Wow, good progress. That puts Gigabit coverage in Coventry higher than superfast coverage in the Forest of Dean.

  • sheephouse
  • 9 months ago

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