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132,410 premises with Openreach FTTP option found in last month

Still no sign of a slow down in the Openreach full fibre roll-out due to the pandemic, in fact things seem to be speeding up. This month has a very high total of 132,410 premises found since 12th May 2020. The big jump of an extra 36,000 compared to the previous month is either due to us doing better at catching up to the 2,575,000 Openreach declared in the last batch of financial results or Openreach is continuing to ramp up the amount being built. We believe reality is a mixture of those two things, i.e. we are spending more time on the hunt for FTTP and Openreach is building faster.

The numbers when we split them out into the five categories we track for Openreach FTTP are:

  • 536,789 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention an increase of 21,038 premises
  • 1,244,524 premises in Fibre First areas an increase of 63,110 premises
  • 66,263 premises in Fibre Village/Market Town areas an increase of 3,703 premises
  • 380,467 premises via New Build since January 2016 an increase of 10,525 premises
  • 173,238 premises via commercial/old roll-out an increase of 34,124 premises

The total number of premises where Openreach FTTP is available in our system stands at 2,401,281 premises. The roll-out pace works out at 4,271 premises every day or 29,899 premises per week.

The jump in the commercial/old roll-out figure of 34,124 extra premises is largely down to roll-outs in older new build prior to 2016, i.e. the Openreach programme of revisiting estates with recent well ducting continues.


So it's definitely a thing that Openreach are revisiting estates then. All the naysayers last year saying it was not happening must be looking a bit foolish right now.

  • jabuzzard
  • 9 months ago

@jabuzzard - I'll believe it when I see it. There is still no activity in the Southampton area that i've seen evidence of (and I check regularly). I'm sitting in an estate of 500 odd properties all on the same cabinet rocking a 20mbps connection in a middling town close to Southampton. I've seen no sign of openreach even hitting the city yet (apart from a few new build estates) so I've no hope for my town or estate.

  • cheesemp
  • 9 months ago

Believe it or not, cheesemp, it's happened in my previous estate. Yours isn't a touchstone on the entire country and just because it has not received an FTTP overbuild doesn't mean they aren't happening.

They've built FTTP to about half of the estate, built between 2004 and 2015, and the rest is ongoing.

  • CarlThomas
  • 9 months ago

@jabuzzard - Yep it's a thing - many being targeted at the moment. We call them Retro Newsite Builds.

  • indigobananajam
  • 9 months ago

But your missing my point. I am not aware apart from a few odd cases of Southampton having any real FTTP. Maybe Southampton is just near the bottom of the pile but I have no hope of Openreach doing anything soon in this area. Just check Southampton on the maps on this site. Apart from commercial properties we've got basically nothing. As I don't live in the actual city I've no hope.

  • cheesemp
  • 9 months ago

cheesemp so you get 20 m/bps (10 mbps more that USO) on a cabinet provided probably part of commercial programme (not funded by you) and you unhappy about where Openreach is funding it own invesment - if you wanted FTTP tht badly you could investigate a fibre on demand or a community Fibre partnership with your estate

  • fastman
  • 9 months ago

Fastman - I don't think that you are correct. Fibre on Demand is not available on all exchanges. A Community Fibre Partnership would require a sufficient cohort of consumers - and 20Mbps is probably on the threshold of what most people find acceptable, so it wouldn't in all probability ignite their interest. I live in an area with 5Mbps, registered for USO (Ofcom site rejected my application before admitting data was wrong) and was then quoted £18,144 for a connection. I just wanted 10Mbps plus but I have to accept a Rolls-Royce solution for a Morris Minor problem - so full fibre or nothing.

  • Fibrewannabe
  • 9 months ago

fibrewannabe - FOd is certainly available on the exchanges in question. but the most hilarious thing is you try and advise me on CFP !!!!!

  • fastman
  • 8 months ago

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