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Full fibre arrives in Nafferton from KCOM

The KCOM Lightstream FTTP expansion continues and Nafferton near Driffield is the place with the latest postcodes where people can order a full fibre service from KCOM.

KCOM FTTP Nafferton
Map of postcodes where full fibre from KCOM in Nafferton is available

The arrival in Nafferton continues the KCOM roll-out and hopefully soon the expansion into North Lincolnshire will be apparent. We will of course keep our eyes open but if anyone has had Lightstream installed and it is not on our checker or maps we welcome a prod via email.


It would be nice if they gave some sort of indication of when they intend to start in North Lincs.

  • mklinger
  • 29 days ago

There is possibly some somewhere in Lincolnshire - since their web page says 'Award-winning Lightstream broadband is available across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.' but this is contradicted by 'Award-winning Lightstream broadband is available across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire'.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 29 days ago

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