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TalkTalk appears slower than usual on 30th May 2020

If you are with TalkTalk and are seeing slower than expected speeds then it is not just you, our hourly analysis for the provider in its run at 5pm suggests that the median average is just more than 2 standard deviations outside the average for the last 30 days.

The average of 18 Mbps down (3.7 Mbps up) is a fair bit lower than the last 30 days average median figure of 22.7 Mbps  (standard deviation 2.23 Mbps).

TalkTalk Broadband download and upload speeds March April May 2020
Chart of the daily download and upload speeds seen from TalkTalk speed tests

The plot from the last ninety days shows that there are a couple of days when the daily average was the same or very close, so the suggestion is that there may be a problem. As there are a few hours of the 30th May to go things may improve, we will keep an eye on the data and report back as the evening progresses.

There was a definite problem on Friday 29th May that seemed to affect a good number of TalkTalk customers, leaving them unable to access some sites and services online. There has been a suggestion that this was a DNS issue as some were able to change their DNS settings and access sites, but it is possible particularly with popular sites that a different DNS server may be returning the IP address for a different location and the routing through and out of TalkTalk could thus be different.

On the Friday 29th incident there was no gap in the speed test history for TalkTalk and broadband quality monitors did not show a period of downtime, so seems the route from thinkbroadband to TalkTalk stayed up. What we did see was a rise in the number of TalkTalk visitors running our speed test, but the volume was a lot lower than the surges in test numbers that Virgin Media had with its last major problem at the end of April, suggesting the issue was less widespread and/or shorter in duration than the Virgin Media problems were.

Update 8:55pm The median speed is now falling within the normal range at 19.1 Mbps.


The Nasa launch last night, footage started around 5pm, millions acround the world (and presumably alot in the UK) were streaming it on Youtube and Switch. Could this have effected speeds?

  • bobblebob
  • about 1 month ago

Well the main problem was in the morning, websites not loading etc, as I am on Talktalks Future Fibre trial I thought maybe a problem with that, but then went back to my FTTC backup which they allow me to keep for duration of trial, and it was the saem.

All in all didn't last for long so back to the FTTP with Talktalk again.

  • donegaljoe
  • about 1 month ago

Seems to be back to normal now, the Space X launch caused problems on specific sites such as Heavens-Above presumably as people where trying to find out when it would travel over them.

  • burble
  • about 1 month ago

Was using the free trial of nextDNS (not TalkTalk's native DNS) on the impacted VDSL2 connection here, mostly waiting on some Google connection or other from ~ 10:00 am Friday last. By 10:33 AM, I was connecting to TBB for a quick check, switching DNS servers to CloudFlare and OpenDNS soon after. Problems fizzled out after that, but coincidental, I'd guess.

  • satrow
  • about 1 month ago

My TalkTalk broadband has been off since last Friday morning, been told I might have an update in 72hrs as to what the cause is. I'll believe it when I see it......

  • koolmacher
  • about 1 month ago

BOT-generated article?

  • jimwillsher
  • about 1 month ago

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