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Openreach update on engineer visits for in-home work

The lockdown is likely to be slowly eased across the UK over the coming weeks and months, in England changes have started to happen and this means that installs and fault repairs may be changing.

Openreach has issued an update on how it will will approach work within a home.

During the pandemic, we’ve been focussed on the safety of our engineers and customers by limiting our engineers’ time in premises, particularly on provision. We’ve been able to conduct the vast majority of our work from outside homes and businesses.

But, there are some provision jobs and critical repairs which do require us to enter a property. So, after careful consideration and following the Public Health England guidance, we’re going to conduct a phased return to working inside customers’ homes and businesses, starting from today.

We’ll still prioritise working from outside the property first, and we’ll only go inside if the provision or repair job is low risk and takes a short amount of time.

We're constantly reviewing our processes and the health and safety of our people and our customers will always be our highest priority.

Openreach on in-home visits during pandemic

The key part is that this is a phased return so it may be that in some parts of the UK things are handled differently so please bear this in mind when comparing your experience with others who report online what happened to them.

To add to the Openreach note, it is worth saying that people can help by clearing the area around the phone socket or where they want the service installed ahead of the planned visit, if possible. So moving chairs and other clutter will make it easier for the Openreach employee who has to enter a home to diagnose a fault or install a new service. Also keeping the number of people to a minimum who interact even at a safe distance will help, so rather than a whole family sitting on the sofa watching the work, send everyone out into the garden or another room in the home for a short while, leaving one person to supervise and answer any questions at a safe distance.

Obviously with social distancing the usual tea and chocolate hob nobs (other biscuits and beverages are available) would not be appropriate but remember to check any visitors for the correct ID before letting them into your home or business from a safe distance.

We know that there is a queue of people waiting to order FTTP and, our understanding is that orders should start to be processed from the 1st June 2020 onwards again.


My engineer enjoyed roast quail and caviar on toasted brown bread and butter triangles , did I spoil him ?

  • egan23
  • 5 months ago

I understand people want their broadband services installed but lets hope Openreach don't regret the timing of this decision.

I hope all customer facing engineers stay safe and feel they can walk away from any properties if the environment doesn't look safe.

  • dect
  • 5 months ago

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