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Big jump in rural FTTP from Openreach in our May update on build progress

A lot of April was spent going back and checking through those parts of the UK without a superfast service to see if Openreach has delivered full fibre under its BDUK contracts, or via the various voucher schemes or even in some cases commercially. So this months split of where we are seeing Openreach deploy full fibre is very different to our usual numbers but as this protracted sweep across the UK tends to be a once every six months or so exercise we do not expect a big jump in the BDUK/gap funded figures next month.

  • 515,751 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention an increase of 36,760 premises
  • 1,181,414 premises in Fibre First areas an increase of 38,225 premises
  • 62,650 premises in Fibre Village/Market Town areas an increase of 4,626 premises
  • 369,942 premises via New Build since January 2016 an increase of 2,791 premises
  • 139,114 premises via commercial/old roll-out an increase of 11,175 premises

Our total count for Openreach FTTP premises passed stands at 2,268,871 premises up by 96,911 premises since 12th April 2020. This works out at us finding Openreach full fibre at 22,600 premises every week.

The figure Openreach declared in its latest results was 2,575,000 premises passed so obviously some catching up to do, but that is normal as we are usually 6 to 8 weeks behind their total. A mixture of the difference between the network being built and finally released to the various wholesalers accounts for some of the gap as does the time it takes us every day to find the several thousand more premises.

As yet no sign that the lockdown period has slowed the rate they are building at, but some of this can be explained by us using April as the time to play catch-up in the not already superfast areas of the UK.


@thinkbroadband Openreach state FTTP is coming to our address soon. How do we find out what soon means?

  • @dianelleigh
  • comment via twitter
  • 6 months ago

soon is OR speak for eventually

  • threelegs
  • 6 months ago

here's a clue for what soon can mean,

I live in one of the villages now covered under the fibre village scheme.

For 8 months engineers have been here on and off, at times 10 vans in a village of 125 (they initially stated it was going to be a 3 week job) then the poles were needed when they say the state of the ducts, then the village got included in fibre village, probs for extra funding and as it had been mapped.

All of this of course happened 6 weeks after we used BDUK to get fixed wireless (2 year contract) and were crapping it for the first 3 months

  • Hewitt96
  • 6 months ago

Unfortunately minor impact on the worst connection speed property numbers.

  • Swac3
  • 6 months ago

I wish Childswickham was being upgraded. which is on the broadway exchange. wmbdy

other villages/hamlets are being upgraded.

but as usual, we are left out.

Perhaps you can explain why this is ?

  • ssnjimb
  • 6 months ago

Also, no signs of FTTP to the neighbouring village of Childswickham is Wickhamford which is on the Badsey exchange.

  • frankhawkes
  • 6 months ago

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