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New Year Gift from Sky and BT Retail

BT Retail with its BT Broadband ADSL product has partnered with Sky Digital to other a combined package from 1st January 2003. The website for the service appears to be visible at this early stage and can be seen at

The package on offer is the normal £27.00 per month service, with a 12 month contract. Activation costs £60, but the USB BT Voyager modem pack is free (normal cost £80) and a £20 credit is applied to your Sky account as further incentive. The service also includes registration for the Sky Sports Video Lounge that lets you view video clips from sports events, but this appears to be accessible from any ISP at present.

Marketing to Sky customers is something that was bound to happen, particularly with Sky Interactive and the need for Sky Digital boxes to use the phone line during an interactive session. By using ADSL to free up the phone line, Sky may actually see its revenues increase as households can use Sky and Broadband at the same time. It will be interesting to see how Sky develops its online services, particularly how long before a broadband capable set top box appears from Sky.


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