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April 2020 update on how fast Openreach is deploying FTTP

As yet the pandemic has not slowed down the pace at which we are seeing the figures for the Openreach FTTP roll-out increase, with the total now at 2,171,960 premises passed, up some 102,725 premises in the last month. This is a build rate of 23,195 premises per week.

The five distinct groups that we track for Openreach are showing the following totals and changes since last month:

  • 478,991 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention an increase of 4,750 premises
  • 1,143,189 premises in Fibre First areas an increase of 66,968 premises
  • 58,024 premises in Fibre Village/Market Town areas an increase of 11,258 premises
  • 367,151 premises via New Build since January 2016 an increase of 17,225 premises
  • 127,939 premises via commercial/old roll-out an increase of 5,858 premises

While broadband and network construction is still one of the key industries continuing during the pandemic there is eventually going to be a slow down in the build pace. We have not seen this yet because our tracking is generally 6 to 8 weeks behind what Openreach are actually building so we are expecting to hit a point in April where the amount we can find will tail off. 


That's interesting, as I haven't seen a single Openreach job on in my area since the lockdown began. Duct clearing work was pretty regular before that and Virgin jobs are still showing up frequently.

I wonder if its just that the people updating the source databases are not considered a priority?

  • alexatkinuk
  • 11 months ago

@alexatkinuk: I don't think can be trusted. One evening, before the lockdown started, I saw Openreach deploying FTTC to the buildings situated perpendicularly to my street and there was no trace of this happening on neither before nor during the works. The same with G.Network working in the area.

  • Draak
  • 11 months ago

@Draak I certainly don't think its foolproof, as I'd imagine not all work requires the same level of planning permission so perhaps would not show up on there?

For example if they are stringing fibre to their own poles with no roadworks required.

I don't know really, it did show up when they were repairing wiring in the local ductwork across the street but I think that was because of it "potentially" involving digging up the grass. There was no mention of the ducted area, suggesting that did not need permission.

  • alexatkinuk
  • 11 months ago

The roadworks sites rely on feeds from the local authority and some councils don't provide it and its also possible that as staff numbers are down who ever generates the feed may not be making it available.

Also as pointed out code powers mean providers can do a fair bit without extra permissions, generally only if roadworks that may reduce road or footpath width do things appear.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

@andrew Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

So I guess its still a case of looking out the window for large spools of fibre and Openreach vans. ;)

  • alexatkinuk
  • 11 months ago

Roadworks site working fine for me. Shows the Openreach FTTP build unexpectedly starting in the Caldy exchange area, this isn’t showing on the Openreach FTTP coming soon site.

  • _Mike_B_
  • 11 months ago

The roadworks site for around here 3 weeks ago was awash with Cityfibre in the next areas after us, then it all vanished. I noticed at the weekend that loads had turned up again mostly starting from 14th April after the bank holiday and sure enough yesterday I saw them digging again with signs about keeping distance etc, so they appear to have stopped for 3 weeks and are now back it.

  • rolandrat
  • 11 months ago

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