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Sky Broadband daily speeds during February, March and April 2020

The patterns have largely established themselves with the lockdown in terms of the majority of those able to work from home already are and the indicators from things like the LINX stats and public comments from providers is that while day time data use is still higher than previously the absolute peak is still driven at night by streaming video services and large digital game downloads.

We have looked at BT and Virgin Media so far and this week it is the turn of Sky Broadband and its ADSL2+ and VDSL2 customers (there have a very small number of and FTTP customers but not enough to feature in this data).

Virgin Media download speeds February and March 2020
Chart of the daily download speeds seen from Sky Broadband speed tests
Virgin Media upload speeds February and March 2020
Chart of the daily upload speeds seen from Sky Broadband speed tests
Virgin Media latency in February and March 2020
Chart of the daily median and mean latency seen from Sky Broadband speed tests
Virgin Media quality score in February and March 2020
Chart of the quality score seen from Sky Broadband speed tests, reflecting how consistent download speeds are during a test. The closer to zero the better.

The period of the lockdown is uneventful, there is a slight increase in the mean latency from around 14th March but some indications that this week it may be slightly better - one hypothesis may be more people not working or another is less video calls with people reverting to audio only. 

Something happened on 11th February that impacted speeds, latency and quality metrics, this did not trigger our alarms as the dip was within 2 standard deviation of the average for the download speeds, hence why this is the first time mentioning it. What the spike across the four graphs indicates is what we would expect to see if there was widespread problems for a provider.

Obviously as we are looking at a UK wide set of figures this will mask individual or exchange area issues, but those are part of the daily broadband cycle. The aim of these weekly articles is to provide additional data points for those wondering how broadband in the UK is holding up.

Next week we will look at TalkTalk and how their peformance is over the last 60 days.


Interesting. Using Sky FTTC via NOW TV Fab Fibre (39/9) here. Don’t recall noticing any issue on 11/02/2020, but it prompted me to have a quick look at my SamKnows white box data for that day and found a massive drop in d/l speed & massive spike in latency and packet loss on the 9pm test results, fairly unusual for our connection (which is normally quite stable and steady). Back to normal results one hour before & one hour after.

  • speedyrite
  • 11 months ago

Very interesting article thanks. I missed the one about BT but I am sure it is in my in-tray somewhere. In my estate its predominantly BT, Sky or Talk Talk. Everyone I talk to says the speed has dropped and there's a lot of rebooting of routers going on.

I am working from home and I log onto my company VPN to work. I am wondering if millions are doing the same that might explain some of the drops in service across the country. I know that VPN consumes a lot of resources and bandwidth.

Keep safe


  • trashman
  • 11 months ago

Informative post, but could we do away with the 3D plots? They don't help conveying information and can make the plots harder to read. Here are some quick tips:

  • dovydas
  • 11 months ago

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