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UK reaches 13% full fibre coverage mark

It has taken longer to go from 12% to 13% but in the 7 weeks and 3 days the UK managed to grow its FTTP footprint to 3,950,193 premises which is 13.01% of UK premises.

No single provider tipped the counter from 12.99% at the start of Friday to the 13.01% this morning, the ones with coverage added on Friday where Openreach, Virgin Media RFOG, City Fibre with Vodafone Gigafast and TalkTalk FibreNation.

The top twelve local authorities for full fibre availability are listed below, if you want to see the full list visit which is sortable and links to each individual council.City 

  1. City of Kingston Upon Hull 98.68%
  2. Belfast 71.59%
  3. Milton Keynes 61.83%
  4. York 58.32%
  5. Salford District 57.11%
  6. Tameside District 56.5%
  7. Lisburn and Castlereagh 55.37%
  8. Barking and Dagenham 49.97%
  9. City of Westminster 48.26%
  10. Derry and Strabane 48.06%
  11. Exeter District 46.98%
  12. Southwark 45.45%

The end of 2025 target is Gigabit coverage and once we combine the Virgin Media Gig1 footprint this is at 18.41% today.

Obviously for many people getting FTTP installed is much harder than usual and some retailers are not listing the FTTP services even if available to people. So patience is needed while telecoms operators prioritise work.


'reaches' or 'hits' but not both.

  • nervous
  • 11 months ago

Hangs head in shame and stands in corner for 30 minutes

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

Honestly, you just can't get the staff these days! :D

  • ahockings
  • 11 months ago

Hi Andrew, please delete this comment once you've seen it.

Re: "the ones with coverage added on Friday where Openreach, Virgin Media RFOG,..."

"where" should be "were"

Thanks for running the site.

  • IncognitoUK
  • 11 months ago

Editing now would bounce article to the top, i.e. no way of hiding corrections we do. So as its just my grammar at fault will let this one remain.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 11 months ago

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