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USO figures on broadband statistics tracker tweaked

The broadband USO launched on 20th March 2020 and obviously the COVID-19 lockdown has had a marked impact on delivery, since the call centre dealing with the enquiries that are not directly answered on the BT website is not at full strength. 

We have seen though how BT and Ofcom have implemented things and that means a change to how we present our number of premises we believe are eligible for USO help. These changes are:

  • On our broadband statistics site the legal USO marker has moved from the Below 10 Mbps/1 Mbps up entry to the Below 10 Mbps entry.
  • The Below 10 Mbps/1 Mbps up entry is now labelled Below 10 Mbps/1.2 Mbps up

This is because from looking at the responses given it appears clear that anyone with over 10 Mbps via ADSL2+ is not considered USO eligible. There is almost no checking on what the upload sync speed is, or the checking that is going on via an Ofcom dataset is optimistic over what upload speeds will see on ADSL2+.

These changes will also be reflected in our monthly coverage update on the 7th April.

Another set of changes of a more positive nature is that the history graphs on our local broadband figures pages now include a line for Gigabit coverage.

Latest UK broadband rollout chart
Chart showing history of superfast, ultrafast, full fibre and Gigabit rollouts in the United Kingdom

In areas where the full fibre coverage level is identical to the Gigabit coverage the dark gold line may well not be visible, but for areas such as Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton where the Virgin Media Gig1 service is available the dark gold line will be visible.

The first set of monthly coverage updates are live, but the Q1 2020 speed test analysis is still being processed.


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