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Stop waiting for Sky ultrafast FTTP service

We know some people have been keenly waiting to see what Sky and others will do with regards to pricing of their FTTP services across the Openreach network, but for those prices to see the light of day people are going to have to wait just a few weeks longer.

Sky has stopped selling its Ultrafast packages in response to the changes Openreach has put in place and this also means the FTTP launch that was expected this week is not going to happen. The ultrafast stop sell request also came with a remove service from listing request.

The remaining package Sky is promoting is the Sky Superfast service at £27/m with £19.95 setup fee. speeds will depend on whether Sky connect you to the 40/10 or 80/20 product which they decide based on the checker estimate. Migrations onto and between the various VDSL2 products continue since it usually only requires Openreach to visit the street cabinet.


i think it's a failure of the industry and OFCOM that the 2nd largest ISP still cannot offer FTTP at any scale 7? years after GEA-FTTP came available to order from BT retail.

  • ididnt
  • 2 months ago

^^^Nothing to do with industry or OFCOM, purely a commercial decision from Sky (and other CPs) not to sell Openreach FTTP from day 1.

  • baby_frogmella
  • 2 months ago

Absolutely nothing meaning Sky could not offer the product. They were busy rinsing copper for longer via FTTC and MPF unbundling.

I've no idea what they're doing now. They seem to be weaning themselves off of their copper addiction but seem utterly incapable of actually launching an FTTP product and now current events have given them another reason not to.

The product could've been in place years ago. If BT Wholesale can sell it Sky and TalkTalk can.

  • CarlThomas
  • 2 months ago

It's become glaringly obvious that any form of roll out from any UK firm is always done at a nice leisurely walking pace.

My Street in Basingstoke is a perfect example, Half are able to get FTTP and Virgin yet our half can only get FTTC and no Virgin. It makes no sense at all and when I speak to my next door neighbour (who works for OR) he is just as livid because his employer sees our part of the street as "Rural" ...We both agreed it's simply due to our part being cobble stones rather than asphalt!

  • t0m5k1
  • about 1 month ago

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