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Faceplate and filters

Sources of varying ADSL hardware is on the increase. Solwise are now stocking an alternate Master faceplate @ £11.99 inc VAT. It is a different design to the standard BT ADSL Master Faceplate. Solwise have had it BT tested and it meets the SIN346 specification, also Solwise suggest it is likely to fix Caller Line Id (CLI) problems.

Clarity the supplier of BT Master faceplates has recently started selling a 'professional' microfilter @ £9.40 inc VAT that uses the same filtering components as the BT Master faceplates and as such they quote full compatibility with CLI. This filter appears similar to the recently released FDX-100 microfilter from Fujitsu and Clarity point out that the FDX-100 is just the Fujitsu branding for the filter. They also sell the full BT ADSL Master faceplates and a range of extensions for use with them.

Clarity are able to offer a 10% discount for visitors from ADSLguide. The discount is claimed using the online checkout system, simply quote in the "Clarity Bribe Code" field to receive the discount (Note: The discount is a manual process and will not show up in the amounts displayed by the checkout system).

It is nice to see a selection of suppliers competing for business, the last 12 months has seen the cost of hardware needed to use an ADSL line drop drammatically. Lets hope that this competition will extend to the provision of afforable broadband connections for the majority of the UK within a year or two.


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