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Full fibre on Isle of Wight from Wight Fibre

The Isle of Wight now has some 13,414 premises with a FTTP option via Wight Fibre and this should climb throughout 2020 and beyond as Wight Fibre carries on its roll-out.

The full fibre, cable and wireless operator Wight Fibre announced it had made available to order to some 15,000 homes on the island and we believe we have found all the postcodes served apart from a small handful, and will take another look in a week or two.

Wight Fibre full fibre footprint March 2020
Wight Fibre full fibre postcodes on Isle of Wight

For now the roll-out is concentrated in Cowes, Newport and Hyde and there is more being built.

Of course 13,414 premises is not the 15,000 of their press release, but the release also has other numbers such as 20,000 premises passed. The disparities appear to be down to some properties being passed but the service is not available to order, i.e. gap between 15,000 and 20,000 and our figure is slightly low as there was some postcodes where Wight Fibre are saying service is available but are not offering the actual FTTP products to order yet, plus some please get in touch with us. This difference in figures is something we see with others such as Openreach and KCOM and is something worth bearing in mind when seeing reports of full fibre coverage around the globe, i.e. how much is really actually ready to use.


Be interesting to see what the monthly cost to each home for the service will be for this product, (though I suspect it won't be a blanket "megafast" speed for all.)

  • buggerlugs
  • 11 months ago

Hyde? I think you mean Ryde.

  • bdg2
  • 11 months ago

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