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Caergwrle leads in full fibre roll-out to towns and villages

Openreach announced a wave of market town and villages totallying some 250,000 premises that would see full fibre rolled out to them at the end of January 2020. The good news is that the first areas are going live, Caergwrle is the largest deployment spotted so far in this January batch. Other exchanges such as Denbigh, Ely and Hailsham exchanges also have had bits of FTTP appear in the last week.

The current FTTP coverage is 62.3% on the Caegwrle exchange area and started off at 12.3% from the work under the original Superfast Cymru project. How much more will be built we do not know, Parbold one of the exchanges from the trial announced in 2019 is up at 74.1%.

With the long lists of FibreFirst and FibreVillage areas it can take some time to make it around the complete list, so if you live somewhere and Openreach FTTP is live and it is missing from our checker do drop us a short email - we should add do check on the checker first, as the map images are sometimes a few days out of date.

Update 11:15am: Saxmundham in Suffolk has also got a lot of FTTP now live, around two thirds of the village but the connected villages of Kelsale and Benhall Green are yet to see any new FTTP. Postcodes for these premises will go onto our checker on the evening of the 8th.

Update 9pm: Our checker has been updated and Tadcaster has also had a bunch of FTTP postcodes added plus also a small amount in Stone.


Been Van's everywhwre around caergwrle for last 3 months, every pole you see has fttp 9n it, imagine they will be pretty close to universal coverage round here

  • jonny4288
  • 24 days ago

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