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February 2020 update on how fast Openreach is deploying FTTP

  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020 10:41 AM

We report on how things are going with the Openreach full fibre roll-out every month on the 12th and this month we can report that since 12th January we have added 114,301 premises with FTTP availabiity to our coverage database. This works out at 25,809 premises every week or 3,687 premises every day.

We normally include a table showing the changes since the previous month but with the large block of market towns and villages that Openreach have announced that will see FTTP roll-outs to some 250,000 premises this has introduced a new category and messed up any monthly change figures. The change figures will return in March. What we have added though is percentage of exchange footprint to the Fibre First and Fibre Village categories.

  • 467,545 premises via BDUK/gap funded or other rural intervention
  • 1,036,262 premises in Fibre First areas - covering 36.7% of exchange areas
  • 40,009 premises in Fibre Village/Market Town areas - covering 5.8% of exchange areas
  • 326,193 premises via New Build since January 2016 
  • 116,953 premises via commercial/old roll-out 

The Fibre Village category has lifted some premises out of the BDUK category but the bulk of 40,009 is from the 13 trial exchange areas.

The tracking of the % of the exchange areas covered is interesting as from the declared list of exchanges involved in the Fibre First roll-out the total footprint is 2.82 million premises and 682,000 premises for the Fibre Village project. The Fibre Village project when announced was aiming to pass some 250,000 premises with FTTP which would be 36.6% premises passed. Fingers crossed the 250,000 is just what they intend to build before end of March 2021 and if the economics continue to work they may go further. A lot hinges on how popular FTTP will be with the price offers appearing now and the increased marketing that having Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone on board.

At this point in time we are not confident in seeing the same or a higher number of premises added in the next month. Why you may ask? Well we have been cycling through the list of larger Fibre First areas more often and the first look at the Fibre Village list of over 100 exchanges is likely to be slower as we double check everything in those areas. Another factor that may slow things down is that we have almost exhausted the number of FTTP premises in the new build category and the next set of postcodes will not be released until late in February or early March. 


@thinkbroadband is there anywhere to track if FTTP might come to my area? Are there public thresholds that they req…

  • @jchannon
  • comment via twitter
  • 9 months ago

After the announcement a few weeks ago about all of the new areas, mainly towns and villages (mine included) is there anywhere I can check to see when the build is scheduled for instead of the default "within 14 months" advice?

  • oldskool
  • 9 months ago


If you watch your local poles / holes you are likely to have more idea than any published info.

  • jumpmum
  • 9 months ago

@jumpmum, watching poles / holes is what the internet is all about ;)

  • steve14
  • 9 months ago

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