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UK hits 12% full fibre coverage figure

Another milestone for full fibre availability in the UK has been reached, coverage (i.e. premises passed) is at 12.01% of UK premises.

The previous rise from 10% to 11% took two months, but this jump to 12% has been significantly faster taking just 5 weeks and two days. The increased pace is reflected by us finding 11,848 premises with a FTTP option on Tuesday 11th February alone. The providers with FTTP added on Tuesday were Openreach (largest chunk in Liverpool but bits across the UK), Virgin Media RFOG (the completion of the roll-out in Wickford and some more in Glasgow), KCOM in Driffield, Gigaclear in Oxfordshire, TalkTalk Fibre Nation in York and Community Fibre in London.

The top twelve local authorities for full fibre availability are listed below, if you want to see the full list visit which is sortable and links to each individual council

  1. City of Kingston Upon Hull 98.68%
  2. Belfast 69.41%
  3. York 57.19%
  4. Milton Keynes 55.71%
  5. Salford 55.65%
  6. Tameside 54.88%
  7. Lisburn and Castlereagh 50.67%
  8. Barking and Dagenham 49.93%
  9. Derry and Strabane 47.58%
  10. East Riding of Yorkshire 43.86%
  11. Southwark 43.83%
  12. Tower Hamlets 43.05%

The big question is whether another point can be added in just over five weeks. We would like to think so but we suspect it will be more like 7-8 weeks for each percentage point moving forward. 


You'd think this insane weather would slow them down. Plus supplies might get constrained from china.

Im looking forward to seeing how fast they can ramp up when the better weather returns :)

  • ian27uk
  • 9 months ago

On constraints in supply chain it is too early for any effects to be felt, plus a lot depends on stock in hand and shipping methods used in terms of impact.

The weather of the last week might factor in as a slow down but based on other peaks/troughs possibly might not see that for six or so weeks

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 9 months ago

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