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Network wide BT Wholesale upgrades

BT Wholesale have announced an upgrade to the ADSL network that will affect all users over two dates next week.

BT has identified a problem with abnormal disconnections of user sessions and is ready to deploy a fix across the eight RAS boxes that we all initially authenticate against. The upgrade will result in a short couple of minutes downtime at each location with things stabilising fully after around an hour. The upgrade is spread over two dates and will occur between 1am and 5am:

Tuesday 15th October 2002
Birmingham, Ealing, Edinburgh, Kingston

Thursday 17th October 2002
Bletchley, Ilford, Reading, Manchester

If you dont know which of the sites you connect via then it is believed you can identify this by using the [email protected]_domain login and performing a trace router to The location usually shows up as the first hop, see our Q&As for more details.

Thanks to Chris 'TheCaretaker' for pointing out the post to me.


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