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Hall of shame

The Register has run a news item detailing the very poor showing from the large ISPs in relation to the ADSL demand registration scheme.

It seems BT Openworld has responded to the criticism and is contacting people in the Todmorden area - barely in time! AOL apparently will start taking part from next week and Freeserve claim to have verified orders. Though Freeserves claims do not match what users are saying, it is possible that Freeserve may have its wires crossed on the scheme.

If you have registered interest for an exchange that is collecting Advance Orders and have not received an enquiry from an ISP to confirm the registration as an Advance Order let us know either via email or in the forums.

Nildram is very active in the registration scheme and have posted a press release in our forums here. This details how if you have a registration even with another ISP you can get an Advance Order placed through via Nildram.


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